Heather Laine, formerly known as Elan for Women, is owned by Zoe Summers and Sharon Neita.  Two Jamaican women, who believe that as a creative and vibrant people, we can and should develop our own unique fashion identity. Heather Laine is their contribution to that belief.

Featuring ‘easy to wear’ clothes that celebrate the diversity of our culture, as well as the beauty of the Jamaican woman.  The products are our signature resort lines featured in the islands top hotels and our boutique collection. Our boutique collection is as exciting as it is diverse. Made from the finest fabrics in all original styles guaranteed to give any woman that ‘elan’ feel, ideal for our warm Jamaican days and ‘hott’ Jamaican nights. We are well known for our ‘Whites’ and vibrant colours and prints.

Recently we have added a Linen Line which is made from a very high quality Linen which we import ourselves. The Boutique and Factory are both under 1 roof at 10 Lancaster Road in the heart of the city. Employing some 20 Jamaican workers, who cut, sew, trim and deliver all the clothes on display. Collectively this is the Heather Laine family, giving of their best, working every day to do better, vowing to never give up, till we take Heather Laine from this “rock” we all love; to the world.  

- Zoe & Sharon

From left: Zoe Summers(owner), Laila Bennett, Sharon Neita(owner)

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